Dr Harry is a family doctor in Australia but has also worked in the UK, Europe and the United States. He did a Masters and PhD looking into the effects of nutrition on brain development, body weight and blood pressure. Throughout his working career as a medical doctor, university professor, and scientist, Dr Harry has committed his life to improving human health.

Having often been asked by his patients about various supplements, he realised that the evidence for most of them was inadequate and unsatisfying. With a commitment to providing better supplements and better evidence, with his good friends, he co-founded Truth Origins.

Link to Dr Harry’s CV: http://deakin.academia.edu/ProfessorHarrisonWeisinger/CurriculumVitae

Essential nutrients are those that the body cannot produce on its own. That means the only way to get them is through the diet or with supplements. For instance, unlike most other mammals, humans are unable to synthesize Vitamin C so it is, by definition, essential and must be consumed in the diet.

Our Vitamin C is completely natural, and water-soluble ensuring maximum absorption for the best possible results. The same goes for omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are crucial for normal function and development.

You always hear the term “bioavailability” in health supplements and pharmaceuticals. It means how much of a consumed supplement makes its way into the bloodstream.

Something with poor bioavailability never really has a chance to work. Water-solubility is a massive step towards bioavailability, and this is why we’re so excited about the product range we’ve developed.

Our water solubility means that the Curcumin is absorbed throughout the digestive tract, which increases the amount of cucuminoids in the bloodstream.

Free radicals are biochemically ‘unstable’ particles that are produced by your body during everyday metabolism. These particles can cause damage to our cells through a process known as oxidation. Most scientists agree that antioxidants through food and supplements can destroy or neutralise free radicals.

Our Curcumin is sourced from Organically grown Turmeric from India. Our extraction process is done without petrochemicals and we are focused on preventing oxidation, by using cold pressing and UV blocking glass bottles. And we don’t use any petrochemicals in extraction.

Good question. As much as we think the answer to this really is ‘everyone’, the reality is that clean and natural supplements are expensive. It costs about $2.5 per day to use one of our supplements. Most of our customers are proactive in innovative health research, have dietary restrictions (ethical or strategic), or are athletes.

We think most people could benefit from a range of products like ours, which are plant-based and designed for maximum absorption and impact!

Most people report that they feel the benefits after two to three weeks, others take a little longer. Curcumin takes a while to build up in your bloodstream so the most important thing is that you take it daily to see results. Some people double the dose when they are under some specific challenges.

We would love to go into detail, but we are not allowed to give specific medical advice.

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Add 6-12 pumps (3-6ml) into 250ml of water, stir and enjoy.


Tastes great in cold drinks, sparkling water, smoothies & desserts.
You can also mix with hot drinks, although you should avoid putting them in boiling liquid.

Vegan = Yes, Veggie = Yes, Paleo = Yes, Ketogenic = Yes , People with diabetes = Yes, Jain = Yes

We are closely regulated as a food supplement so can’t give any medical advice.

We are not aware of any contraindications to taking our products, and as far as we know, there are no known medication interactions.

If you’re unsure about taking any supplement we always recommend you check with your regular doctor.

Light and oxygen are the perfect conditions for oxidation.

Think about what happens if you leave a slice of apple in the sunlight. The vibrant white fruit compound will rapidly turn brown. This can happen to any food or supplement, especially natural ones without artificial preservatives. We don’t want to add toxic food preservatives or stabilisers into our products, so as a solution we offer our products in special violet glass light-blocking bottles.

The difference between water-soluble and fat-soluble (liposomal) isn’t so much about how it’s “delivered to the cells”. It is more about the absorption of the vitamins from the digestive tract. Depending upon the size of the molecule, water-soluble substances can be absorbed passively (and in some cases actively) pretty much along the entire length of the gastrointestinal tract (from the stomach right along to the large intestine).

Substances that aren’t water-soluble require a different means to make their way into the bloodstream. Liposomes are spherical vesicles used to deliver non-soluble or larger molecules across the gut. This is a common means of delivering pharmaceutical agents (e.g. medication).

We are fully confident in the quality of our products, they have been great for us personally and we want (and hope) they work for everybody.

That’s wishful thinking. The reality is that our genetics, physiology and challenges differ. So if you don’t like our product within 60 days of receiving it, we don’t want you to pay for it so it’s risk-free.

However, as we offer free tracked shipping on all orders, we can’t afford the return postage. We also need 1/2 of the bottle so we can conduct lab tests to ensure the quality and non-oxidation of the product. We think that’s fair. All you have to do is email

talk@truthorigins.com.au and we will organise it with you.